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At Southside Steel it’s our goal to surpass your expectations when it comes to customer service. We want to be 1st on your list of the most dependable metal service centers. Do you sometimes have trouble finding the metal you need; or even worse have to pay for an entire length when you only need 5 inches? Look no further, we can help. We specialize in locating those hard to find items, and we will charge you for only the length you need.

Our team is dedicated to taking care of our customers. We are easy going and approachable. We strive to have a personal relationship with all of our customers. We develop long standing connections from the “good ‘ole days & beyond”. Yes, we know it sounds corny.

We are the specialists on SAME DAY EMERGENCY SERVICE, and will calls. We sell to 150 different industries within Indianapolis, surrounding counties, from the “Big Ten”, and beyond. Our customers come as far away from California, Florida, Colorado, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and even New Jersey.

With our inventory of Aluminum, Stainless, CRC, HRC, and a small mix of brass and copper, we are reaching to be your best vendor. Our customers range from women doing metal sculptures, farmers fixing equipment, or the next great inventor who needs 5 pieces of any shape to experiment for his or her new prototype.

Come see us today! We are open Monday thru Friday, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. We accept Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express …please …NO CHICKENS!

Southside Steel – your next GREAT vendor relationship.


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