Southside Steel stocks an extensive list of wide flange steel beams (or WBeams) at a variety of sizes and lengths.  S-Beams are also available.  All our steel beams are available cut to length, drilled to spec, coped, mitred, and/or prime painted. Email us about ALL our in-house fabrication processes for steel beams.

Steel Beam Specs: ASTM A-992 / A572 Gr. 50; Structural Grade.

Available Finishes: Stainless, Aluminum, Galvanized and Hot Rolled Steel

  • Uses: Residential and commercial structural construction, truck and trailer framing, RHU/AHU platforms and curbs, canopies, etc.
  • Know the numbers: The first number on any beam size is the closest depth (in inches) while the second number is the pounds per foot that the beam weighs.  Example: A W8x18 has an 8in. flange to flange depth and weighs 18lbs. per foot.
  • NOTE: Some beams may be slightly under or over the first number depending on the beam size. A common misconception is that there is only one size beam for each depth (4”, 6”, 8”, etc.) however for each depth there are several different options available depending on the load needed.  Each beam for a given depth has a different flange thickness, web thickness and flange width.

Available Stock Sizes: 20ft to 60 ft. (in 5’-0 intervals) or custom cut to any size.