Perforated Sheet

Southside Steel stocks some perforated sheets.  Most perforated sheet is available sheared to size.  We offer a variety of custom fabrication processes for perforated sheet including, cutting, forming, and welding, and more. Email us for your perforated steel needs!

Steel Perforated Sheet Specs: ASTM-A36

Available Finishes: Hot Rolled Steel and Stainless Steel

  • Uses: Residential and commercial structural construction, decorative wall coverings, guardrail/handrail barriers, barbecue grills and smokers, drainage bins, etc.
  • Know the numbers: The first number in the material description is the material thickness, the second number is the hole size and the third number is the hole spacing.  Example: 16ga x 3/8” x 9/16” is a material that is 16 gauge thick with 3/8” holes staggered 9/16” on center.
  • NOTE: Hole pattern can be ordered in a variety of hole sizes and spacings along with both staggered and in-line pattern spacing.

Available Stock Sizes: 48” x 96” or custom sheared to any size.  Other stock sizes may be available by special order.