Flat Bar


Southside Steel stocks flat bar at a variety of sizes and lengths.  All our steel flat bar is available in stock lengths or cut to length, punched or drilled to spec, coped, mitred, and/or prime painted. Email us about our press brake for custom brackets and beam saddles of all sizes.

Steel Flat Bar Specs: ASTM-A36

Available Finishes: Stainless, Aluminum, Galvanized, Hot Rolled Steel and Cold Rolled Steel (Cold Drawn C-1018.) Cold rolled flats are available in a limited supply.

  • Uses: Residential and commercial structural construction, steel framing, forgings, steel brackets, beam saddles, base plates for steel columns, etc.
  • Know the numbers: The first number for each flat bar description is the thickness of the material, while the second number is the width of the material. Example:1/2” x 3” is a flat bar that is 1/2” thick and 3” wide.
  • NOTE: The thinnest available flat bar in any size is 1/8” thick.  If you need flat straps thinner than 1/8”,email us about our hydraulic shear or saw that can shear or cut strips of any gauge material to the custom size you need!

Available Stock Sizes: 10ft and 20ft or custom cut to any size. NOTE: Cold Rolled Flat bar comes in 12ft stock lengths.