June 30, 2017

Pipe Bollard

Let us handle all your pipe bollard needs from start to finish.

After stocking pipe bollards for several years and becoming Indiana’s central hub for all your safety bollard needs, Steel House is proud to announce that we are now offering bollard installation as part of our ever-growing list of services. Why go to several different companies just to have your bollards installed when you can go straight to the source? Steel House has everything needed, in-house, to make your pipe bollard project quick, simple and seamless.

Our expert installers have been trained on the art of efficiency, to ensure that your install is quick and clean. Bollard installation can be a messy project, but our installers have mastered the technique of cleaning while working. Stop by (link to map) and talk to one of our installers about how the process works! Or email or a quick quote on pipe bollards, or installation!