June 30, 2017


Steel plate and sheets clean cut to precise lengths, quick and easy.

Thanks to our 3/8” x 10’ hydraulic shear, getting precise cuts quickly and efficiently is a routine process at Steel House. We are equipped to shear a wide variety of sheets and plates including aluminum and stainless steel using our 1/2” x 10’-0” hydraulic shear. No more jagged edges or uneven cuts; our elite team of fabricators uses their many years of experience to ensure a precise, straight cut at any dimension.

Steel House uses a 3/8” x 10’ hydraulic shear which requires one of our many expert operators to feed the material through an opening in which a high-carbon steel cutting blade is mounted. The operator then takes precise measurements from the edge of the material to the cut path of the high-carbon steel blade to ensure precise, clean cuts (-0/+0.125” each dimensions). Drop by, call (317) 924-4210 or email to find out more about our shear capabilities.